Professional Basement Waterproofing in Cleveland, OH

Basements can be a wonderful addition to living spaces in Cleveland. They are excellent options for storage, laundry machines, in-law suites, play areas, or entertainment spaces. Unfortunately, they are also prone to moisture damage.

Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer from a damp, musty basement when you turn to Adelio’s for interior and exterior waterproofing solutions. We’ll transform your basement into a dry environment that people will want to spend time. Turn to our team of experts any time you need professional basement waterproofing in Cleveland, OH, or the neighboring communities. Check out the locations we service!

  • Beachwood
  • Cleveland Heights
  • Euclid
  • Mayfield
  • Mayfield Heights
  • Orange
  • Pepper Pike
  • Shaker Heights
  • Warrensville Heights
  • And beyond!

Signs You Need Basement Waterproofing Services

Ideally, your basement would have received waterproofing services long before issues had even crossed your mind. Unfortunately, it’s easy to forget to reapply or fix waterproofing measures. When this happens, the condition of your basement can quickly deteriorate. How do you know it’s beyond time for waterproofing services? Here are telltale signs of water damage in your basement:

  • Water Seepage in Your Basement: Do you often find pools of water in your basement, especially after a rainstorm? This could mean your home’s foundation is cracked or your basement window seals are worn. Either way, it’s time for repairs.
  • Efflorescence: If your basement walls are sporting a white powdery coating, this likely means you have water evaporating from your basement floor and walls. You will need an expert technician to locate and repair the leak causing this coating to form.
  • Musty Odors: Most people think of their basements as being dark and musty. However, this isn’t a good thing. Basements that smell musty have molds and mildew growing in them. Not only does this give off an unpleasant odor, but it is also detrimental to your family’s health. For this reason, you need to have the mold removed right away and waterproofing measures applied or installed.
  • Leaking Basement Walls: When your basement walls begin to crack and leak, this indicates a serious issue with your home’s waterproofing measures. Left unaddressed, these leaks could lead to structural damage in your house.

If you notice any of these signs of water infiltration or damage, reach out to your local contractor for immediate professional basement waterproofing in Cleveland, OH.

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Exterior Basement Waterproofing in Cleveland, OH

One of the best defenses against a flooded basement is exterior waterproofing services. These measures stop the water before it even makes it into your basement. This waterproofing method often requires installing an exterior moisture barrier and a drainage system. However, the process can look slightly different for each home.

Because every basement is different, we customize our professional basement waterproofing services according to your Cleveland, OH, home. No matter the waterproofing materials your home requires, you can expect us to use the highest quality and most durable materials to keep your basement water-free for years to come.

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Our Exterior Waterproofing Process

During an exterior basement waterproofing appointment, you can expect our team to dig along the exterior foundation walls to fix cracks, waterproof the foundation with an elastomeric membrane coating, and install new PVC pipes to carry the water away from the foundation. Then, we will backfill the trench with gravel to allow for water to drain quickly and efficiently. This method keeps the basement walls dry and prevents water from seeping onto the floor.

Pros of Exterior Waterproofing

  • An incredibly effective way to keep water out of your home
  • Protects the structural integrity of your house
  • Increases the value of the home
  • All work is done on the exterior, so those with finished basements wouldn’t have to deal with any disturbances
  • Protects against mold and mildew

Interior Basement Water Control Solutions in Cleveland, OH

We always prefer exterior basement waterproofing when it’s possible. However, we realize that this solution doesn’t fit everyone’s budget, and some situations make exterior waterproofing very difficult or impossible. Due to that, we also offer interior professional basement waterproofing solutions in Cleveland, OH.

Although many refer to this as interior basement waterproofing, it really is an interior water control system or interior water diversion. Water is still entering the foundation, but it is redirected out of the home through an interior drainage system and sump pump.

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Pros of Interior Waterproofing

  • Typically less expensive when compared to exterior waterproofing
  • Eliminates the chances of developing mold and mildew
  • May increase your resale value and living space
  • Less invasive process when there is landscaping, driveway, patios, and decks to work around

Areas We Offer Our Basement Waterproofing Services

Small cracks and leaks can develop when your basement isn’t properly waterproofed, leaving your home at risk of water damage and structural issues. Protect your home from costly repairs with our professional basement waterproofing services in Cleveland, OH, and the surrounding areas, including Beachwood, Cleveland Heights, Euclid, Mayfield, Mayfield Heights, Orange, Pepper Pike, Shaker Heights, and Warrensville Heights, OH.

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Keep your basement in excellent condition with our professional basement waterproofing services in Cleveland, OH. We’ll use durable materials to keep water out of your home, so you don’t have to worry about paying for costly basement renovations down the road. Contact us today to learn more about our basement waterproofing solutions and other services, including: