Professional Drain Cleaning Services in Cleveland, OH

When a shower drain isn’t working properly or a kitchen sink gives off an unpleasant odor, it can make you want to scream your frustrations to the sky. Unfortunately, besides relieving some of your stress, this will not solve your problem. Instead of losing your cool, you can call on our team for professional drain cleaning services in Cleveland, OH, and the surrounding areas, including:

  • Beachwood
  • Cleveland Heights
  • Euclid
  • Mayfield
  • Mayfield Heights
  • Orange
  • Pepper Pike
  • Shaker Heights
  • Warrensville Heights
  • And beyond!

Our team will arrive at your home promptly with all the tools and equipment they need to resolve your frustrating dilemma, whether that’s a clogged drain, gurgling sink, or overflowing toilet.

Help! I Have a Clogged Drain in My Cleveland, OH, Home. What Do I Do?

The longer you leave a clogged drain unattended, the worse it will get. If you do not resolve the problem as soon as possible, you could cause severe damage to your home’s piping. Thankfully, you can use the following key signs that your drains are clogged with grease, fats, soap, hair, or even small toys to perform timely repairs:

  • A gurgling sink in your bathroom or kitchen that takes a long time to drain
  • A gurgling toilet every time someone flushes
  • Water backing up in your bathtub or shower
  • Unpleasant smells coming from your sink or tub drains
  • Fruit flies circling your drains

If you notice any of these telltale signs of a clogged drain, you’ll need to act quickly before the problem grows. You can attempt to clear the clogged sink drain with the hot water, baking soda, and vinegar trick or with a drain snake. However, if these at-home solutions do not fix the clog, you should schedule professional drain cleaning services with Cleveland, OH, plumbers.

Our plumbers will perform a sewer camera inspection to locate the cause of the problem. Once we fully understand the situation, we will work quickly to fix your clogged sink or shower drain.

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Oh, No! I Have an Overflowing Toilet. Who Should I Call?

It may seem like a simple problem in the grand scheme of things after the fact, but a toilet that is overflowing makes your stomach turn inside out and panic race up your spine. If you’re dealing with an overflowing or gurgling toilet, you likely have a drain clog somewhere on your property.

Here are some fast-acting steps you can take to stop your toilet from overflowing:

  • Turn Off the Supply of Water to Your Toilet: Protect your rug or carpet from toilet water (and waste!) by twisting the shutoff valve behind your toilet counterclockwise.
  • Reposition the Toilet Tank Flapper: If the shutoff valve is stuck, you can turn to the toilet tank flapper. The toilet’s flapper (the round, rubber disc covering the hole at the bottom of the tank) can cause your toilet bowl to keep filling with water. Push the flapper down onto the hole until the water stops.
  • Lift the Tank Float Ball: If you’re still experiencing an overflowing toilet, lift the float ball (which looks like a small rubber balloon attached to a stick) as high as it will go. This will trick the toilet into thinking the bowl is completely full and will cause it to stop filling the bowl with water.

These solutions are only temporary, giving you time to clean up the mess and locate the problem. You may be able to unclog the toilet yourself using a plunger or drain snake. However, if this doesn’t resolve the issue, you will need to reach out to your plumber for professional drain cleaning services in Cleveland, OH. Your overflowing toilet may be the result of a sewer clog, which will require the expertise of a trained plumber and specialized equipment.

We Clear Stubborn Clogs With Sewer Hydro Jetting Services in Cleveland, OH

When you have a large clog in your plumbing system, the last thing you want is to have your yard dug up for repairs. We understand how frustrating and costly this can be, and that’s why we offer sewer hydro jetting services to clear difficult clogs.

When you reach out to our team for professional drain cleaning services in Cleveland, OH, we will perform a sewer camera inspection to detect the location of the clog. Then, we will use our hydro-jetting equipment to break apart the pipe clog with highly pressurized water. You’ll be able to enjoy free-flowing plumbing once again in no time.

Areas We Offer Our Drain Cleaning Services

We are proud to offer professional drain cleaning services to residents and businesses in Cleveland, OH, and the nearby areas, including Beachwood, Cleveland Heights, Euclid, Mayfield, Mayfield Heights, Orange, Pepper Pike, Shaker Heights, and Warrensville Heights, OH. Whether you have a gurgling sink drain or are not sure how to unclog a toilet, our team of plumbing experts will be at your doorstep in a snap.

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