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Why are my basement walls wet?

If you're noticing visible moisture, peeling paint or efflorescence (a whitish crystalized substance) in the mortar between your basement blocks, it is typically an indication that there is a problem at or above the ground level. When excess moisture enters the wall at the upper portion of your basement, it will work its way throughout the hollow cavities of the concrete blocks of your foundation. This extra moisture issues can be caused by overflowing gutters, a clogged downspout drain, or poor grading near the foundation of your home. 

A wet basement after rain

Snaking downspout of a residential home

How do we fix it?

The first (and quickest) step would be to verify that your gutters are free of debris and flowing properly. We can also snake out your downspouts to make sure that there aren't any clogs or blockages. 

If the above solutions don't successfully correct the problem, it may be necessary to perform some basement waterproofing procedures to fix the problem and keep it from worsening.

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