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Basement seepage at floor level

These photos are good examples of water seeping onto the basement floor, but there are no signs of moisture on the foundation wall.  This could indicate one of several potential scenarios.   Based on the photos, We know that the footer drains are not working properly, the water level rises on the outside of the foundation wall, eventually rising to the level above the basement floor and seeping in through the easiest point of entry.   As you can see from the stains on the floor, there is a significant amount of seepage, which could mean a broken or clogged pipe is preventing the water in the footer drains to drain into the main storm sewer line. 

Based on the volume of water, We would also assume that there is another issue since the footer drains typically carry very little water volume.  If this type of seepage occurs around all or most of the basement, We would first recommend snaking and televising the main storm sewer line.  If the main storm is clogged or broken, the storm water collected around the house, including the gutter drain pipes have anywhere to drain, causing the footer drain pipes to fill, and seep onto the basement floor.   If the seepage is isolated to a small area, We would check the gutters and downspout in this area, and any footer drain cleanouts that exist. 

How do we fix it?

In the example above we discussed the seepage along the foundation wall from ground level, but because the wall is completely dry, it may mean that this foundation wall is properly waterproofed, preventing moisture from entering through the block wall, but when the water table rises, it will seep in at floor level. If the main storm line, gutters, and downspouts are working properly, and no footer drain cleanouts are present, an excavation would be needed to remove the footer drain pipes, to determine what is causing the backup.

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