SewerSeal Pool Deck Pipe relining

Adelio's Contracting Co. has been around for over 40 years, but that doesn't mean that we do everything the old-fashioned way. We recently invested in an innovative pipe-lining machine, SewerSeal®, that allows us to reseal pipes without having to dig. This has opened our business up to many more job opportunities, including hospitals, apartment buildings, schools, dormitories, factories and retail centers, where digging for a pipe replacement would result in lost revenue and displaced tenants.

The SewerSeal® method was a perfect fit for one of Goldberg Companies locations, Cobblestone Court.  The pool had a beautiful fountain made of solid stone that poured water into the pool below. Inside the layers of stone was a leaking pipe. This leak was not only a problem for the deck but the pool constantly needed refilled. Instead of closing the pool to the residents, draining it, jack hammering through the stone, and removing the old pipe, we were able to easily and quickly seal the pipe from the existing opening with SewerSeal®.

SewerSeal Pool Deck Pipe relining

If we had dug up the entire pipe and replaced the faulty section, the job would've taken many more days and dollars to complete. However, with our SewerSeal® pipe-sealing machine, we are able to complete jobs like this within a few hours.

SewerSeal Pool Deck Pipe relining
SewerSeal Pool Deck Pipe relining
The red arrows in the photo above are pointing to the opening where we were able to insert our equpiment to successfully reline the pipe. That's it! No rehab to the fountain foundation necessary.

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