SewerSeal Pipe Lining Job in Mentor Ohio

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This Mentor Ohio homeowner was experiencing a sewage smell coming from his air vents. During our discovery, we televised a 4 in cast iron pipe sewer pipe and confirmed that it was in good condition but leaking at the joints.

In the past, we would have had to break through their slab foundation to remove and replace the cast iron pipe. However, now that we have SewerSeal technoogy we were able to remove their toilet and enter the pipe through the opening.

We simply inserted our polyurea pipe coating equipment and coated 10 feet of pipe until we reached outside of the home and into the clay sewer. Four coats of material was applied to obtain the desired thickness. 

SewerSeal Pipe Lining Job in Mentor Ohio

Once completed we:

  • Tested and televised the sewer line to ensure it was no longer leaking.
  • Reinstalled the toilet.
  • Cleaned up. 

This job was completed in one day, and the bathroom was back in operation before we left he house.

Our SewerSeal pipe lining solution saved the homeowner thousands of dollars. The alternative would have looked something like this...

  • Break open the bathroom floor.
  • Dig up the sewer pipe
  • Replace the pipe
  • Replace the concrete floor & tile

A project like that would have taken several days and the homeowner would not have had a bathroom to use during that time. These customers have a one bathroom house, so they were thrilled with our solution.

SewerSeal Pipe Lining Job in Mentor Ohio

Above photo of our coating equiptment spinning in the pipe. 

We would definitely recommend choosing Adelio's for any waterproofing needs. we have actually used Adelio's twice for both sides of our house at different times, and have nothing but positive things to say about the...

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