John Carroll University Sewer Lining Job

When John Carroll University first contacted us, they were looking for a quote to replace a cracked and leaking shower drain located in a dormatory bathroom.  While inspecting the pipe we expained our pipe lining options which would coat the inside of the drain pipe, seal the exising cracks, and form a new pipe within the old pipe.

They loved our 'no dig' SewerSeal solution and the thought of not having to demolish the ceramic tile floor, jackhammer the concrete floor, replace the cracked sewer pipe, repour a new concrete floor, and replace the ceramic tile where removed.  A replacement project that could have taken about a week to complete, was instead completed in 6 hours, with our sprayed in place pipe lining equipment, saving thousands of dollars in renovation costs.

The pipe coating project was approved for the cracked drain, as well as 8 additional drains in the same bathroom, which were showing signs of corrosion and rust build up.  The SewerSeal lining will stop the corrosion of the cast iron pipes, provide a smooth interior pipe surface for better drainage, and ensure that the bathroom floor will not need to be removed to replace the sewer pipes below ground.

The other upside? We were in and out in a day and the showers were fully functional the moment we departed.

This job is the perfect example of where pipe lining (or relining) is the best solution

John Carroll University Sewer Lining Job

John Carroll University Sewer Lining Job

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