How Often Do I Need to Get My Sewer Inspected?

How Often Do I Need to Get My Sewer Inspected?

Let’s face it, a sewer inspection probably isn’t on your list of the most crucial home issues to address, and you probably didn’t even think it was a common thing that you needed. A sewer system is one of the more commonly neglected aspects of every home, but it is also one of the most important parts to be aware of.

Sewer inspections can give you a deep dive into the condition of your sewage system, and it’s great to be able to address any issues that arise before you find yourself showering with dirty bathwater. It’s difficult to know a sewer system’s status without taking a deep dive you likely don’t want to be taking, so it’s essential to know how often you need to get your sewer inspected.

What Happens If I Don’t Care For My Sewer Line?

Sewers have a specific lifespan, and failing to take proper care before this timeframe approaches can leave your sewer line brittle, rotting, and filling with dirt and debris. Inspection and maintenance are vital to managing your sewer, even if you don’t notice anything wrong. Warning signs may be few and far between, and a rotting sewer line can go bad almost immediately.

Health Risks

Remember that your sewer line carries millions of bacteria, dirt and grime particles, and a host of other toxic waste. If you don’t care for your sewer line, you risk backups that bring tons of toxins back up into your home. A broken sewer line can also collect tree roots and other toxins from the ground that you may not even know about, and having those come up mid-shower is not something you want to experience if it can be prevented.

More Expensive Repairs

The longer you go without caring for your sewer line, the more expensive it can be to repair. A minor clog can build up and put pressure on the line, causing additional potential issues. If your plumber detects a leak or a structural problem with your sewer pipe, they would have to dig it up and replace it, adding a ton to your costs.

What Are Some Signs That I Should Inspect My Sewer?

If you’re wondering how often you need to get your sewer line inspected, odds are you’re also wondering if there are any warning signs you should know about beforehand. At times, warning signs can be few and far between, but you should consider getting an inspection performed by a professional if you notice any of these issues.

  • The kitchen sink takes longer to drain
  • Foul smell and gurgling noises from the toilet and sinks
  • Dirt and debris in your water
  • Inconsistent toilet water level
  • Water in drains when you flush or use the washing machine

So When Should I Get My Sewer Inspected?

You should be getting regular maintenance done on your pipes every 1-2 years, and if you have yet to get yours done, be sure to have it done ASAP. For older pipes, yearly inspections are your best bet, as you want to be on top of the added risks they may present. Repair or replacement may be necessary without you seeing any signs above either, so you want to make sure you have a keen understanding of the state of your sewer line.

Additionally, you must get your line checked out when moving in or out of a new home. Whether you’re moving into a newly built home or a home sitting uninhabited for a while, it’s always best to have your pipes inspected and give you the peace of mind you need to avoid any unexpected expenses and other risks to your home.

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