Why is Preventative Maintenance Important?

Preventative maintenance is having your main line cleared on an annual or biannual basis. The main line is the only pipe that carries wastewater out of the home or business. All drains inside of the home or building empty into the main line. Cleaning this line will not only help prevent sewage from backing up in the basement it will help increase the longevity of your main sewer pipe.

As small roots penetrate the walls through little fractures of the pipe or deteriorated joints, these roots grow thicker causing larger cracks. If these roots
continue to grow, they eventually will destroy the structure of the main line and cuase toilet papter and other debris to get caught on the roots. This will block the water coming out of the house and will lead to backup in your home.

There are two different ways to clean your main sewer line; Power snaking and/or hydro jetting. Power snaking will remove roots and soft clogs. Hydro-jetting will remove remove and gunk that snaking can’t.

We recommend both services. Because snaking will “punch a hole” through the clog this can cause sewage to cling to the remaining debris. Hydro jetting will clean things that snaking cannot and also remove any excess debris left behind from the snaking.

Keeping your pipes clean and open with a full flow with preventative maintenance, can save you from the devastating sewer back up into your home and costly repairs. 

Adelio's provided video inspection of our sewer line from inside the house to the septic tank. It also included locating the path of the sewer line outside the house in order for determining where to...

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